I've compiled a list of links and articles that cover many aspects of weaves including:
~ ~ ~ weave care
~ ~ ~ helpful haircare links
~ ~ ~ things you need to know before and after purchasing hair
~ ~ ~ tutorials galore
~ ~ ~ other great resources
I grouped this information so it will be easier to find. Check back here often. I will update this section as I find additional links that may be of interest. I hope you find this information useful.

Curly Hair Care

Curly hair care links and resources. If you are looking for products and car suggestions for your curly hair, these links are a good place to start. To Hell With Straight Hair (This is a really cool curly haircare site I ran across on my Google travels) How to Turn Frizzy Curls Into Beautiful Twirls
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Liquid Gold/Pro-Tac & Bonded Install Links

A compilation of links that cover Liquid Gold/Pro-Tac and other bonded installs. Topic: Liquid Gold (This should be THE Liquid Gold 101 thread.. All you wanted to know about Liquid Gold) Video: Using LG with Syringe Topic: Using LG with a Syringe Topic: Removing Liquid Gold Topic: NEWBIE-NEED HELP WITH LIQUID GOLD Topic: new glue
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Relaxed Textured Hair Primer

It occurred to me that there should be a resource which explains the differences between the textures meant for AA straight styles.. To see the original post click here: Topic: FAQ -Relaxed/Hot Combed AA Hair Textures This is not meant to persuade or dissuade anyone towards any particular brand.. It is simply meant to address
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Dying the “scalp” on a Silk Based Closures

Part your own hair and the closure and compare the scalp color.. Most people find that their scalp is actually not the same shade as their faces.. IF you still think the closure needs to be darkened, then you can use one of the three methods described below to dye the scalp.   While the steps in
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Weft Sealing

I’m often asked about weft sealing and the products I prefer. So here they are (in my personal order of preference) Hair Extensions 101 sealer Aleenes Stop Fraying Both of these products work well for sealing wefts. The Hair Extensions 101 product is my favorite because of it’s fast drying and because it requires no
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Stop Microwaving your Hair!!!

Stop microwaving your expensive extensions hair to deep condition it!!!! I know lots of ladies swear by this technique, but because of how microwaves work, there is a HIGH potential that you can damage and dry the hair out using this technique.. Hair is essentially DEAD cells, it gets a certain amount of natural oils
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