Extensions Plus

Located in Reseda, CA. Extensions Plus has been in the extensions and wig making business for over 20 years. They are well known amongst celebrity stylists and members of the entertainment industry for many years, and they are still the “go to” company that Hollywood studios and stylists call upon. Celebrities such as Patty LaBelle, Mary J Blige, Gabrielle Union, and Beyonce are some of the heads you’ve seen wearing their products. Celebrity salons/stylists such as Kim Kimble, Trey Majors, and Vidal Sassoon of Beverly Hills are long time Extensions Plus customers. They really are the hair company Hollywood turns to, and your favorite movies, television shows, music videos, as well as award shows are LOADED with Extensions Plus hair products and you may not have realized it..

Extensions Plus provides excellent quality products with a reputation for longevity. Many customers (myself included) have reported getting YEARS worth of wear from hair and wigs purchased from this vendor. This is because the hair wefts are very well constructed to perform well with little to no shedding. Due to the superior weft construction, the hair can be worn through multiple installs.

I have purchased both the custom blended product as well as their stock relaxed texture hair. Their relaxed texture hair is probably the best match to Afro textures that I’ve even seen or worn. I have also purchased closures and their Natural Curl unprocessed Indian hair.

For custom product it is BEST to call the store and work with a sales representative one on one. You want to also be prepared to send them a hair sample of the texture you are trying to match to ensure that you get EXACTLY the texture/curl that you want. For my custom hair I provided a small sample of my own natural hair. It is VERY easy to provide a sample of your own hair. I took my sample from a place on my head where I could EASILY conceal the place the sample was taken from. (The back of your head near the nape is best) Extensions Plus will also custom weft bulk hair you have may have purchased from another vendor. For wefting services, the cost will vary depending on the quality and condition of the hair you are having wefted. They may also refuse to weft outside hair.. It is solely at their discretion.

The BEST way to contact Extensions Plus is to call them.. If you are in the Los Angeles area you should go visit their Reseda location in person. The girls who work there are BUSY handling walk in customers & stylists, as well as phone customers, studio requests, and celebrities.. So these girls are BUSY!!! In my opinion, e-mail is NOT the best way to contact the sales staff.. Speaking to a live person allows you to work with someone one on one to express your needs so that they can find the best hair that meets your specifications.

If you are looking for a specific texture or curl pattern, exchange pictures with your sales rep so they know EXACTLY what it is you are looking for.. (I can’t stress this enough — do not rely on your verbal descriptions if you are really looking for something specific..) In short, be prepared ladies to be PROACTIVE when dealing with them.. This place is VERY busy, and although there are those who may think that for the money they are paying that they should be given an EXTRA measure of assistance, the sheer volume of business they do may not make this possible.. Perhaps it SHOULD be different, but it’s not..

I hear folks say “Well I’m paying GOOD money for this hair so I expect…”

Well remember that EVERYONE who shops with Extension Plus is paying good money for this hair too.. AND.. the combined total of customers from all of the various hair forums (BHM, HB, HE101) are but a SMALL minority (less than 1%) of their TOTAL clientele (SURPRISE!!!). Hair forums are new entities in comparison, and Extensions Plus has been around a LOT longer than any one of these hair forums.. While there are those who will disagree with MY point of view on this, what forum members pay on average for the ready made products is NOTHING compared to what the MAJORITY of Extensions Plus clients (the high end variety ordering custom product) pay for hair.. Forums may be an important feeding ground for sales, but they are but a SMALL part of the success here, and that success was in place LONG before there were any hair forums.

So my advice to anyone NEW (or old) to dealing with this company is that if you are not willing to be proactive about your order, you should find a different vendor to work with.. However, if you are willing to be proactive, and work with a vendor who has a reputation for providing the best hair in the industry, then you will not be disappointed with Extensions Plus products..

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