My Hair Albums

The install albums below are links to my Fotki album slideshows. (I think the slide shows are cool!) To stop the slide show and go directly to the album, click on any picture during the slide show.

The link to my fotki is: I usually wear my installs for 12 weeks.. My latest/last install can be found by clicking here.

Some of my past installs

RK Hair Install

I really liked this hair.. It wore very well. (I wore it for the full 12 weeks) When I took this install down, I washed and conditioned the hair and put it away. I will definitely keep this hair in my stash!

Aphrodite DIVA hair install

Aphrodite Salon provided this hair to me to test and wear. I wore this install for only 8 weeks.

Extensions Plus Relaxed Texture Installs

Extensions Plus Natural Curl Install

Bohyme Egyptian Wave

Other hair pictures

Various Misc Hair Pics

These are pics of various extension hair.. Some of this is hair from my personal stash, some of it is pictures of hair which belongs to other friends.. (I thought others might be interested in seeing too) Please see the pictures captions for the hair information (vendor etc)