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Big respect to the beauty and hair vloggers out there, shining a light on the range of our beautiful skintones and hair textures and body types on YouTube! I have nothing but admiration for the creators who are doing their thing via video. It's such a different kind of grind. I'm a firm believer in knowing... read all

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Fri, Mar 02, 2018
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The Best Regimen to Fix Dry, Frizzy, Low Porosity Hair featuring Koils By Nature
You won't believe how much this regimen has changed my hair in less than 3 weeks!Is your hair dry, frizzy, and difficult to define? Does your hair poof up almost immediately after wetting it? Let me guess - there's a curl somewhere in there, but no matter what you do (shy of texturizing), it won't come out to play.

Come, come give me a hug. 2/3 of my hair has that exact struggle. You're [...]
Sun, Feb 25, 2018
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Hair! Oh how we fixate on it. Culturally our hair is our pride we adorn it, beautify it and wax lyrical on it.

But could our hair be more than I'm a firm believer as hair as energy. Our hair is an extension of our nervous system and is believed to balance the entire body....just like our hair absorbs products could our hair absorb lunar and solar energy? Some say yes. And if [...]
Sat, Feb 24, 2018
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This post is sponsored by Ancestry. Wow. Can I just tell you guys how much I LOVED doing this giveaway? This was truly such a pleasure and so heartwarming and touching to read all of your comments and learn your own life stories. Thank you for sharing with me and the folks of I... read all

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Fri, Feb 23, 2018
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This post was sponsored by GOLD BOND® Ultimate Radiance Renewal™ but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Growing up in Trinidad and then living in Miami didn't prepare me for the relationship with moisturizer that I have now. I spent more than half of my life in hot, humid climates. My skin was naturally... read all

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Sat, Feb 17, 2018
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