Relaxed Textured Hair Primer

It occurred to me that there should be a resource which explains the differences between the textures meant for AA straight styles.. To see the original post click here: Topic: FAQ -Relaxed/Hot Combed AA Hair Textures

This is not meant to persuade or dissuade anyone towards any particular brand.. It is simply meant to address some of the frequently asked questions that come up with regard to this topic.. So let me say this UP FRONT: There are a LOT of great brands out there which are meant to resemble relaxed or hot combed AA hair.. Buy what suits your style/needs or budget!!!!

However I see these questions come up frequently on the hair borads. I’ve seen too many ladies who assume EPRT and similar kinky straight textures are the SAME as other Relaxed/Yaki textures. Because of the distinct difference between EPRT and similar kinky straight textures and other Relaxed/Yaki textures, EPRT and similar kinky straight textures are not for everyone. So I thought I would address these differences in a “gap analysis” of sorts..

I hope others find this comparison useful information… I will probably update my hair info site with this info (as soon as I can find some time to do it..)

EPRT and similar kinky straight textures Many other brands relaxed textured hair
Will the hair air dry straight?  No – The hair has a soft fluffiness to it very similar to most  relaxed natural AA hair types when washed and allowed to airdry. For the record even the EPRT “Silky” needs to be flat ironed and will not airdry straight.

If you are looking for hair that airdries straight, THIS IS NOT THE TEXTURE FOR YOU!!

Yes – Nearly all other brands of hair meant to match AA relaxed or hot combed hair textures will air dry to resemble freshly flat ironed relaxed hair (or freshly hot combed natural hair)
Will I have to flat iron my “leave out” hair to blend? No — MOST AA hair textures will blend with this hair without any flat ironing needed. However, if you wish to wear a sleek flat style, you will need to flat iron your own hair as well as this hair. Yes. Since this hair texture resembles freshly flat ironed or hot combed AA hair, most women of color will have to flat iron their own hair in order for there to be no texture demarcation between their natural hair and this texture.
Will this hair “revert” when exposed to humidity and or water?? It depends on how the hair has been styled.. If you are wearing a sleek flat ironed style, exposure to extreme humidity and water will cause both your hair and this hair to “revert”. No – The hair itself will not revert. However, your natural hair may be compromised (revert) when exposed to humidity and water. This exposure will create a visible demarcation between your natural hair and this texture when exposed to extreme humidity and water.
Does this hair require frequent flat ironing??  No – With a high quality flat iron set to the right temperature, this hair will straighten easily and will stay that way until your next wash. However, exposure to moisture, extreme humidity, sweating at night can cause reversion of flat ironed or hot combed styles. Under these conditions, an occasional touch up of the hair may be necessary to maintain the style, but there will be no blending issues as this hair and natural hair will both revert.  No – This hair texture is processed to retain the look of freshly flat ironed or hot combed AA hair. However, exposure to moisture, extreme humidity, sweating at night MAY cause reversion of your own flat ironed or hot combed natural hair. Under these conditions, touch ups of the natural “leave out” hair is necessary to keep the blending flawless.